How Would You Like to Know The Secrets of Turning a SLOW Summer into a 12 Week Sponsoring TSUNAMI?

You and Your Team Can Quickly Catalyze a Summer Prospecting Fury and Ride a Never-Ending Wave of Sponsoring Momentum!

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How would you like to do more business in 12 weeks than you have in the last 12 months?

Are you Ready for the MOST AMAZING Summer that your Home Business has EVER HAD – GUARANTEED?

OR, Are you going to be like all the others and let Your Business slow down because it is SUMMER?


THE TRUTH–During the summer, Business does NOT slow down, PEOPLE DO! You just  have to tweak your STRATEGIES – Online, Social Media, as well as Offline!

IMAGINE – Turning summer into an Unstoppable SPONSORING STORM- while still  having fun with your family? Doug and his Private Coaching Clients have done that for YEARS as they NEVER had a Slow Summer!

How Would You Feel if you went into the fall like a Smoking Slingshot with your business- with massive momentum in Social Media as well as Offline?

You can Attend one of the most powerful Home Business seminars that exists on the Planet with:


  • NO AIRFARE Costs
  • NO HOTEL Costs
  • NO MEAL Costs
  • and NO Outrageous SEMINAR FEE that many charge for “warmed over — heard all that before” content!

And you’ll be Blown Away!

This Doug Firebaugh Online Training Course is TOTALLY Fresh, Radically UNIQUE and WORKS!

“Doug  has turned my business this summer into a FUN Money Maker. I am making more money this summer then I have made the last YEAR, and building my business nationwide when everyone else is slowing down. Amazing teachings and amazing results.”
Linda Lowery, Chicago, IL
“Sizzling! That is what my business is doing this summer! And it is only growing faster every month! Thank you Doug for the summer secrets you coached me on! Doug’s teachings help you develop a Recruiting Riptide!”
Nick Padosia, Los Angeles, CA

Doug Firebaugh Training International announces:

The Secrets of Turning the Lazy Days of Summer into a 12 Week Sponsoring TSUNAMI!

In this Radical Webinar you will:

  • Discover  the Hidden Summertime Prospects No One Ever Tries to Sponsor.
  • Learn why The Psychology of Summer can kill your business if you are not careful – and how to change it.
  • Learn How to Turn the New and Traditional Media Into Your Best Summer Recruiter.
  • How to turn a local neighborhood classified ad into an ATM machine!
  • The 5 Secrets of Facebook Summer Sponsoring NO ONE will teach you.
  • The 4 Secrets of LinkedIn Summer Sponsoring that will make you MAGNETIC!
  • The 4 Secrets of Using Twitter in the summer to create a “Twitternami!”
  • Learn how to turn a backyard cookout into a National Social Networking Recruiting event!
  • The 7 Worst Mistakes Made During the Summer in Network Marketing.
  • The Secrets of  a “Magnetic Vacation”  and having FUN making more money than you ever have during summer!
  • The Step by Step process of Building a Team During the Summer Shift in Mind Set and Actions.
  • The Power of the Local Park Process and Finding a Gold Mine there.
  • Discover a Step by Step process in recruiting People at Events that you meet- ANYWHERE!
  • Learn The Secret of the July 4th Sponsoring Storm!
  • Discover the 12 Recruiting Words and Phrases that you can only use during the summer that will DRAW PEOPLE I NTO YOUR BUSINESS!
  • Revealed: The Secret of the Summer Social Connection- ONLINE Summertime Sponsoring ONLINE!
  • Learn How to become a “Magnetic Prospector ”  at Outside Festivals, Concerts, Picnics, Fairs, and Athletic Events.
  • Discover over 50 places you can prospect ONLY During the summer.
  • Learn how to get your local Newspaper to do a story on you – FREE EXPOSURE- for summer!
  • Learn how to turn every softball game or tennis match into a Social Media Sponsoring Storm!
  • Discover 15 ways to get FREE Publicity for YOU and your Business for Recruiting that are only possible during the summer.
  • And learn a VERY SPECIAL way that GUARANTEES your prospect will Listen to your  Home Business Story- EVERY TIME – and then leave them with a Special GIFT!

“There is NO ONE that has impacted my home business like Doug Firebaugh. His summer coaching was so powerful that even my husband was excited and he does not get excited over much! Love it, Love it, Love it! My business is growing out of control – and I Love it!”
Cynthia Juarez, Phoenix, AZ

“This is summertime steroids for my home business. And it is WORKING! Thanks Doug.”
Michael McBride, Baltimore, MD


When: Instant 24/7 Access!
Where: Members Only Online Training Center.
Tuition: ONLY $147.00 – $97.00!


We are limiting the number of participants to 250 people so Don’t DELAY!

SPECIAL BONUS #1: First 100 Action Takers will receive access to a Special, One Hour Long, UNRELEASED Audio Training from Doug Firebaugh ~ $67 Value: “The 9 Recruiting Secrets that Built a Billion Dollar Success Story!”

SPECIAL BONUS #2: First 100 Action Takers will receive access to a Special, One Hour Long Audio Training from Doug Firebaugh ~ $67 Value: “The 100 Most Powerful Words in Home Business Communication!”

SPECIAL BONUS #3: First 100 Action Takers will receive access to a Special, One Hour Long Audio Training from Doug Firebaugh ~ $67 Value: “The 5 Levels of Listening.”




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